Classical Horsemanship Lessons

Horses have so much to offer the heart of a person.

What would you like to do in the wide world of horses?

Become Who your horse would like you to be.

Classical Horsemanship Lessons



Release your inner horseman. Learn to be one with your horse partner. Expert at helping you get over whatever fears you may have and teaching true partnering with a great horse. You will never regret it.

With a Three (3) Month Subscription you get one weeks free.

Families love these times of learning and being with the horses. Together, these Lessons give everyone in the family a new and captivating subject to talk about and look forward to. Very much a bonding experience around the horse. Grab a Three (3) Month Subscription and get one weeks free.

SENIOR - 50+



TUESDAY at 2:00 PM


Hallelujah Horsemanship presents a time for you to safely learn about, touch, play with and love on horses while you make the most wonderful horse memories and new friends.

Cost: $45/ Adults cash at door


$45 or go up to "Pricing" tab to pay with card

You can also purchase a Three (3) Month Subscription with your card that saves you $85.

Classical Horsemanship Lessons



Absolutely amazing for children to learn life lessons while finding joy. Lessons change lives as your child learns responsibility, humility, hard work, perseverance and Leadership. These are just a few of the wonderful life lessons horsemanship teaches a child.

As you know it takes time for children to grow into the good and more difficult challenges found in Horsemanship and for their own behavior to mature. You could very well be surprised at a difference in attitude your child will demonstrate.

We suggest that you give your child a fair shot by signing them up for a Three (3) Month Lesson Subscription. Includes a FREE LESSON for your child.

One thing

seems to happen

to all people

who experience



they fall in love

with horses !