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The Story: Hallelujah

This whole thing started at age Sixteen when Deborah saw an actual Vision of her entire life. She has never experienced anything like that before or since. GOD showed her what would happen and it most certainly has. Miracle after even more astounding miracle has solely contributed to Deborah being at Hallelujah Horsemanship at this time and having the ability to share with the world the beauty of what GOD has done to bless people with the staggeringly astute heart of the horse here at Hallelujah Horsemanship.

From Foster Children to National and International Champion Competitor, Deborah is delighted to share what GOD has revealed to her. Her connection with the Creator of the Horse and the intense study of the Master Horsemen of the past has enabled her to bring out equestrian beauty on a very deep level. That is why Deborah continues to also teach the correct time to start a horse under saddle and is totally opposed to horse racing before a horse is Five (5)years old.

To see horses being harmed by starting them too early is an ever present mission of explaining to all who will listen what they are doing to a young horse and its future by riding them or wporking them on the ground hard while their joint cartilage is still gelatinous. Once this cartilage is destroyed the horse becomes mostly useless except as a yard ornament and he will be in pain the rest of his days because a person went too fast. The horse cannot tell you these things and will do as you ask, to his destruction.

The ruination of many a horse by being started to early and daily bone-on-bone pain becoming the result to endure the rest of their lives, horses are so completely giving that they obey humans at the cost of their joints and lives.

A typical young horse, like a Quarter Horse for example, does not stop growing until age Five (5) each breed is a little different. Many bigger horses, or Breeds like the Friesian, will not have solid cartilage until age Six (6) or (7). Iberian Horses like Andalusians and Lusitanos mature at age Eight (8). Til then the joint cartilage is still gelatinous and can be broken into pieces that cannot heal resulting on the bone-on-bone and crippling arthritis even in very young horses. All because a human wanted to to do something with a young horse like race or ride them before the horse could really handle the stress.

P.S. Race horses who are raced before age Five (5) always suffer.

Several years ago. while at the Vet with one of my horses getting it preg tested. I was handed a Two (2) year old, absolutely gorgeous Thoroughbred race horse whose owner said, "here, do you want her? She can't race anymore."

Fortunately for this precious horse, she is now in a loving home and her owner adores her.

However, that does not stop her joints from hurting everyday.

How the horse takes care of the smallest human and the amazing One Hundred (100) year old lady who we were blessed to have visit the ranch, have all inspired Deborah has become a stalwart advocate of the horse. To watch the interaction of a horse with those who are deeply hurting, have PTSD, Foster Children wrenched from their homes for their safety, all sorts of hurts in so many people and watch the horse step in and minister to such pain is so powerful and humbling.

Working with so many people, putting her skills as National and International Champion of many disciples, to work, Deborah seeks to share her knowledge, as a continuing student of the horse, with those who come down her lane and want to learn. "It is an honor to share these wonderful horses with people and see the radiant faces of those who spend time with them and and are touched by thier generous hearts and wisdom."

There is so much to learn and the world makes it very difficult to slow down and just "be," but the horse requires it. What a wonderful gift from GOD!"

Deborah enjoys inspiring people of all ages to know horses in a meaningful way and teaches equitation and horsemanship that is visually stunning and fully engaging.

She gives us a few thoughts to ponder:

"Let a horse whisper in your ear and breathe on your heart.

You will never regret it." unknown

"Nothing forced can ever be beautiful." Nuno Oliviera

🏇 Our Vision

Spread the word about what horses are thinking and why. Blessing thousands of people with the understanding and resulting joy of being with horses. Horses are a true gift from GOD for every human heart.

🐴 Our Mission

Hallelujah Horsemanship inspires and supports the quest for great Horsemanship. Assisting in the quest of people to become aware of just how much a horse brings joy to the lives of everyone that seeks to even touch a horse. Sharing with people the emmense heart and kindness of every horse is our mission on the ground and on the back of horses.

Meet Some of the Team

Currently looking for like minded Equestrians that would love to share their skills with those who really desire a profound connection with horses. Text me!

Deborah Lindsay, E.A.aD.

Servant of the KING

Student of the Horse

Boss Lady



Doc says:

"Isn't Charlotte the cutest tiny horse girl ever?"



Alegria says:

"Good job Kirsten! Is that what you want me to do?"



Solo says:

"I love my Michael!"

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Just a few superstar horses and riders

Testimonials From Happy Riders

Thank you all for the following kind words and we apologize there wasn't room to include all your words of encouragement from you, our beloved students and ranch supporters.


Luba G.

Homeschooling Mother of Two Students

"My kids learned so many life lessons beyond just horseback riding, like leadership, hard work and responsibility - lessons that will carry throughout their lives. Of course their riding skills are quickly developing with such a gifted teacher, but I'm even more grateful for the kindness and generosity that was bestowed upon our family by Deborah."


Shef C.


"My experience with Hallelujah Horsemanship and Deborah's training methods was nothing short of amazing, Her herd dynamics, leadership principals, and ability to communicate with horses allowed me to establish a relationship with a horse like I had not known was possible.

A truly gifted and caring teacher. If you want to "connect" with your horse, this is the place to learn how. Thanks Deborah!"


Heather B.

Homeschooling Mother of Two Participants

"I come here often with my family, it is always a peaceful and wonderful visit. We leave each time learning something new about horses.

Deborah is truly a "Horse Whisperer." What a joy it is to have the opportunity to come and feel welcome, always! 10 STARS!"


Michael N.

Student and Paramedic

"Started 5 months ago as a non-horse person and on weekly basis of being trained, I have gained horse skills that on one ever told I couldn't have. You people who grow up with horses keep your secrets well."


Sean H.

Student & Boarder

My family and I have been working with Deborah at Hallelujah Horsemanship for more than two years now. We have been boarding our horse with her. She has taught us so very much. She has helped us togherer transform our youthful, undiscipled, and somewhat rebellious mare into her present condition where she now exhibits a much improved obedience, a desire to lear, and a willingness to please us. Thank you so much!


Gary S.

Friend of the Ranch

"...Many walks of life come out to the ranch to learn about horses. Such as families, couples,children. While the training is going on an amazing thing starts to happen. Familes start to bond closer together. The couples realize they are holding hands and the person they are looking at is truly and amazing person. With the kind hand of Deborah Lindsay and the big heart of a 1800 pound horse. Children walk away with a better outlook of family, respect and life. To summarize the Hallelujah Horsemanship experience is like taking a deep breath and slowly letting it out.

Horses help us not to give up.

Never, no never, no never, no never give up!