Welcome to

Hallelujah Horsemanship

Remember the horses in your life?

Horses are still wonderful and they are waiting for your heart to return!

Let's pass on the joy of horses to the next generation with Classical Horsemanship!

Help for Children: Hallelujah Horsemanship teaches young people

critical life skills.

While unleashing a child's inner equestrian, they learn respect, kindness, responsibility, perserverence, hard work and the rewards of a job well done.

Children and teens learn these and countless more life skills while working with horses. Growing in strength mentally, emotionally and physically, while doing the work to become the best horseman they can be is a wonderful result of Hallelujah Horsemanship, the art of horsemanship. The horse requires young people to be good Leaders.

Parents, if you let your child learn leadership from a great horse, you will have a much happier, confident, and relaxed young person at home.

An added bonus to you both attending lessons is that now, there is a new, exciting thing to talk about and sharing these wonderful experiences are only between the two of you.


What some peace?

Let a horse whisper in your ear

and breathe on your heart.

You will never regret it.

Just waiting for you!


Hallelujah Horsemanship

is the Equestrian Art classically practiced by the Masters

Children + Horses = joy

Teens + Horses = joy

Adults + Horses = joy

Seniors + Horses = joy

(Seniors celebrate the joy of connecting with a horse

on the ground, low impact

- no riding, unless you want to)



GOD'S Son,


HE will be

on a



I think it will be a PRE.

"Let me show you want I think you want me to do!"

True Connection is to absolutely partner with a Horse in every situation.

True connection with a horse... is a beautiful ART!

This is "Sir Prize." These are not his prizes, he was just the only horse that could fit into this room.

Our Programs

are custom made to help you

unfold the beauty of your horse journey

Whatever you desire to achieve with horses looks like,

we are here to help you succeed!

Adults and Senior Classical Horsemanship

Hallelujah Horsemanship is so darn much fun to learn! Learning to really connect with a horse.

Learn to sit a horse in any situation, Learn to trust yourself again like you did when you were young and fearless.

Accomplish glorious feats while riding.

Be so connected to your horse that his feet become yours and your brain becomes his, amazing!

Or....If you choose not to ride...

Seniors and Adults oh, the joy you will experience when connecting with a horse on a level few will ever experience with "At Liberty" training.

No riding required at all

for this beautiful Liberty connection training. Seniors and Adults love this type of Horsemanship! An International Champion and great horses will show you the way. You will not regret giving yourself or another, this wonderful gift!

Advanced Classical Horsemanship -

Haute Ecole/Aires Above-the-Ground

If your desire is to dance or soar...

Hallelujah Horsemanship can help you reach your goals. Accomplish High School movements and add years to the life of your horse with the strength they will gain from Advanced Classical Horsemanship and advanced gymnasticism to Olympic level.

An Accomplished student of the horse will be your guide to help you and your equine partner develop percision and beauty.

Release the greater equestrian within.

"Nothing forced can ever be beautiful."

Nuno Oliviera

Children's & Teens Classical Horsemanship

Help your child or teen grow in characher and learn enduring life lessons while their fears and hearts melt because of a great horse.

Private 6o Min. Session

Group lessons include a Minimum of Five (5) students, are available for friends at a discounted price.

Because learning and willingness takes time, we offer only Three (3) month Subscriptions. This time and committment helps teach your child the importance of perserverence and hard work. Not giving up and getting a chance to become a great Leader takes time to learn. The horse will help your child learn wonderful life lessons. Are you the wise parent that will give our fabulous horses some time to get these life lessons instilled?

Hallelujah Horsemanship is located in Prescott ("Preskitt"), Arizona, USA

Hallelujah Horse Ranch

We are on an old ranch that we dearly love, not fancy but fully able to help us give great care to all the lucky horses that live here.

We offer our students an indoor arena, Cavalletti courses your horse's backs, Giant Round Pen, a Working Equitation course and exquisite views. Huge arenas await you.

We use many Equine Professionals:

Equine Vet Clinic Five Minutes from our gate.

Equine Bowen Work Practicioner comes for our horses.

Superior Equine Chiropractor is available as needed.

A wide assortment of Farriers come out.

If, perchance you choose to board your horse here, all these amenities await you and your equestrian partner. We are so happy to be able to provide ginormous paddocks with Three sided shelters.

Horses that live here can play with like minded horses everyday or be next to a wonderful similarly minded herd.

10 out of 10 horses agree this is Horse Heaven!

If you want to learn what the great Horse Masters of old knew about their horses, this is the place.

I truly hope you can spend time here at Hallelujah Horse Ranch and get to know some exceptional horses.

Horse hugs recommended!

A Few More Photos for You

Just a few of our love bug students and great horses.

Thoughts From our Students

and Friends

"We shall reach greater Heights seeking art, not accolades." Unknown


Michael N.


Started 5 months ago as a non-horse person on a weekly basis of being trained. I have gained horse skills that no one ever told me I couldn't have. You people who grow up with horses keep your secrets well.


Manpreet P.

2 hour Birthday Surprise

My boyfriend and I had an amazing time learning about horses. I have been horseback riding in the past but never connected with a horse how we were taught. We learned everything about them and then got to play with one. I would hightly recommend coming to this ranch becuse you'll truly learn a lot. Thank you for the wonderful experience.


Sean H.

Student and Boarder

My family and I have been working with Deborah now for more than two years. We have been boarding our horse with her. She has taught us so very much. She has helped us together transform our youthful, undisciplined and somewhat rebellious mare into her present condition where she now exhibits a much improved obedience, a desire to learn, and a willingness to please us. Thank you so much!


Luba G.


My kids learned so many life lessons beyond just horseback riding, like leadership, hard work and responsibility - lessons that will carry throughout their lives. Of course their riding skills are quickly developing with such a gifted teacher, but I'm even more grateful for the kindness and generosity that was bestowed upon our family by Deborah.


Schef C.


My experience with Deborah's training methods was nothing short of amazing. Her herd dynamics, leadership, and communication lessons allowed me to establish a relationship to the horse I had not know was possible. A truly gifted and caring teacher. If you want to "connect" with your horse, this is the place to learn how. Thanks Deborah!


Heather B.

Friend of the Horses

I come here often with my family, it is always a peaceful and wonderful visit. We leave each time learning something new about horses. Deborah truly is "The Horse Whisperer." What a joy it is to have the opportunity to come here and feel welcome, always!


The joy of doing things correctly is reflected in your horse partner's response.

This horse is listening to the happy sounds of instructor and student as they explore beginning balance on a horse.

Hallelujah Horsemanship is where we practice the "ART" of partnering with great horses.